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Winnovart Survey Results – EEA & Norway grants awareness across the Donor States. Update Oct 2019.

We are continuing the survey launched in August 2019, to understand the level of awareness and interest across the Norwegian and Icelandic business sector for the opportunities by the EEA & Norway grants.

We are pleased to publish the October 2019 update of the preliminary survey results.

General conclusions at this stage. The vast majority of respondents from Norway and Iceland have limited experience with the EEA & Norway grants, despite working with local funding schemes on their own markets. Surprisingly or not, respondents indicate more experience with international EU funding schemes for innovation, than they do with the EEA & Norway grants. The EEA & Norway grants seem to be the least popular funding scheme for companies from the Donor States despite having a privileged position in this funding mechanism. This is despite the interest to engage with this funding scheme in ways/ with project types which are eligible under most of the schemes addressing the public sector. The main reason so far seems to be the limited information available to present the opportunity of this funding mechanism to businesses based in the Donor States.  

General awareness regarding the EEA&Norway grants. Nearly half (44%) of the respondents are not familiar with this funding mechanism at all. Only less than a quarter of them have had direct experience with this scheme, while almost 80% of our respondents have not participated in this funding scheme before. 

how familiar are you with the EEA & Norway grants?


General understanding of the international funding landscape. While the number of respondents who have direct experience with the EEA & Norway Grants are surprisingly low, it is nonetheless insightful to see the funding mechanisms they tend to be involved in. The data shows that a limited number of firms from Donor States make use of the EEA & Norway Grants, while that proportion nearly triples for the companies that had experience in EU funding schemes managed by the EC. It is interesting to see that most of the respondents (85%) have direct experience in funding schemes managed by local governments, whereas around half of them have experience in other international funding schemes. 

grants-funding programmes


Engagement experience with the Beneficiary States. Although most of the respondents in Q2 have limited experience in applying for international grants funding schemes including EEA & Norway Grants, 66% of them have previously either had direct trading experience or established contacts with organisations from Beneficiary States. 

commercial history with EEA & Norway grants


Interest to join projects as partner. We further investigated to understand the position of the companies in Donor States. 89% of respondents in our survey expressed interest in being bilateral partners on a project, but only 11% have checked the opportunities presented by EEA & Norway Grants. 

bilateral partners and cooperation


Type of project partnership/ project role sought. With an overwhelming interest expressed by respondents in grants funding schemes, we next sought to understand the types of projects or businesses they are looking to open future collaboration opportunities for. We found the top three types of projects to be: Demonstrate/ Pilot/ Test the innovative technologies; Sell market-ready products and technology; and Engage in collaborative R&D/ Innovation projects. The results show that businesses in the Donor States tend to lean towards collaboration in projects related to innovation.

business partnership EEA & Norway grants


Level of satisfaction regarding available support. Nearly three quarters (74%) of our respondents have minimal information about the opportunities that EEA & Norway Grants can present for their companies. Only 7% of our respondents, however, consider there is enough level of support from their local public sector agencies. This might be a key reason why most businesses were not able to access and unlock the potential of these grants for their projects.  

support with EEA & Norway grants


Our survey will be on-going for a few more months as we hope to gain a better understanding of this marketspaceWe appreciate the participation of our survey respondents to date as all the information we collect is of great value to us and other stakeholders involved this marketspace.  

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