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Winnovart Surveys are becoming plastic-positive! Take our surveys and make an impact. We will take care of the rest.

We are partnering with Empower Norway to make Winnovart Surveys plastic positive. From now on, your every survey response with Winnovart will make an impact! Enabled by blockchain, empowered by creative, positive thinking 😊

How does this work?
For every response you give/ survey you take, Winnovart will sponsor the collection of 1 kg of plastic waste from remote locations across the world, making the life of the very poor local communities, a little bit better. Empower’s proven blockchain-enabled platform will make this happen. With traceability and reliability, as well as a Plastic-Positive Certificate for You!

Check out some of Empower’s initiatives here

Wilhelm Myrer, Founder Empower: “Empowers main drive is to clean up and close the tap on plastic waste. We want a world without waste! To make this possible we need everyone to join forces, work together; Everyone can contribute in one way or another. This makes us really proud of working with Winnovart who are now going plastic positive and funding cleanup of plastic waste, cleaning up 1 kg of plastic waste for every Winnovart survey response!“

Doru-Cristian Coretchi, Founder Winnovart: “At Winnovart, it is part of our mission to bridge the gap between the stakeholders of the grants-funding marketspace. This is why our surveys address specific areas of to this marketspace. At the same time, grants are an instrument that supports organizations to achieve wider society and economy goals, like the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe Empower Norway is a powerful example of how technology innovation (blockchain) can be used to address a big problem of our society (the plastic waste challenge). We are delighted to support their work, and our audience to become more plastic positive, with Winnovart Surveys.”

Keep an eye on Winnovart Surveys – the new Plastic-Positive feature will be live soon!