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Winnovart surveys. Blended funding schemes in the UK/ Europe. The case for mixing grants and private funding. Survey towards Private Investors

Public- Private funding schemes or blended schemes combining private funding and grants have the potential to change (for good!) the grants-funding market space in the UK (and Europe).

At Winnovart, we believe this is the most interesting thing happening in this marketspace for many years in Europe, promising to reshape its future.

A limited group of Private Investors have already engaged in such schemes in the UK (programmes piloted by the Innovate UK) or in Europe (EC programmes). We aren’t aware yet of local schemes on other European markets. If you are a Private Investor based in the UK/ Europe and you haven’t engaged already, these schemes might open very interesting opportunities for you, that come with both benefits and challenges.

This is why we would like to understand the views of investors on this. This very short independent survey (2 min of your time) is addressing private investor organisations that haven’t engaged yet in the Innovate UK pilot competitions during 2017-2020. By survey setup, your responses are fully anonymous.

The respondents will receive with priority a copy of the survey report, once results will become available (expected during Summer 2020)..

We hope you will embrace this initiative and thank you in advance for your responses.

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