EEA&Norway Grants in Greece

EEA & Norway grants 2014 – 2021. EUR 45 million for Business Development, Innovation and SMEs on the Romanian market


Out of a total funding allocation of EUR 502.5 million to Romania, EUR 45 million will be made available via the SME Growth Programme, which targets private businesses and supports the following areas:

• Innovation technologies, processes and services
• Sustainable business development
• Greening of existing businesses and processes
• Development and implementation of innovative products and services

75% of the total budget is allocated to SMEs, while large enterprises will have an estimated 25% of the total allocation. Exact funding conditions in terms of volume and eligibility are yet to be confirmed, however funding intensities of 50% – 70% are expected. As always under the EEA & Norway grants, priority will be given to bilateral partnership projects involving organizations from the Donor States.

The three focus areas of the programme:

• Green Industry Innovation (at least 50% of the total budget for projects in this area)
• Blue Growth

Innovation Norway will be the Fund Operator for this programme, thus continuing the successful implementation of the Green Industry Innovation programme from the previous funding cycle.

More details about the overall funding allocation on the Romanian market are available here.

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