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Energy Programme in Romania - Renewable Energy

EEA & Norway Grants in Romania – Energy Programme, Call for Solar Panels expected to open for applications

Over EUR 4.6 million to become available for the private sector mid 2021 for renewable energy projects in Romania, focus area – Other RES under the EEA & Norway grants, RO-Energy Programme, operated by Innovation Norway. Additional funding will be available for smaller projects too.  The objective of the Energy … Read more


EEA & Norway grants – Submission Statistics Business Innovation Greece 2020

37 project proposals submitted under the Business Innovation Programme of the EEA & Norway grants in Greece.   EUR 13 million was the budget made available to SMEs and large enterprises via the 2nd call for project proposals under Business Innovation Greece, operated by Innovation Norway. The call for proposals opened in October 2020, … Read more

EEA Norway grants Hungary

EEA & Norway Grants – EUR 230 million allocated to Hungary

EUR 214.6 million will be allocated to Hungary under the EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021, with additional EUR 15 million through national contribution. Hungary is one of the 15 Beneficiary States across the EU in this new funding cycle to have signed the Memorandum of … Read more

SMEs Growth Programme

Winnovart Explainer – EEA & Norway grants for green, blue and ICT projects in Romania 2021

Up to EUR 12-18 million is expected to be made available to SMEs and large enterprises during the next call for project proposals in 2021 via the SMEs Growth Programme in Romania, operated by Innovation Norway. The budget estimation is based on the official data on … Read more


EEA & Norway grants statistics – Competition results Energy Programme 2019

At, Winnovart, it is part of our mission to bring transparency in the grants-based market space. We do this in the funding areas and for the funding mechanisms we are working with. This is why we are introducing a very … Read more


Winnovart Explainer – EEA & Norway grants for Hydropower projects in Romania. Call for applications now OPEN.

[updated on 28 Feb] EUR 7.2 million funding is available for Hydropower projects on the Romanian market under the EEA & Norway grants. The focus area of the funding programme is Renewable Energy.  This funding comes through the Energy Programme operated by Innovation Norway in Romania. Companies can apply for grants – 200k-2 … Read more