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Winnovart Explore introducing BriteSolar. Unique Solar Panel Technology for Energy Autonomous Greenhouses. Funding ready with EEA & Norway grants.

At Winnovart, we regularly promote European innovation champions, game-changing organisations in their sectors, as well as established industrial players looking to work with innovative technology companies. We are proud to contribute to their stories, by doing what we know best – accelerate their access to funding.  

We are introducing BriteSolar – a Greek SME specialized in providing highly innovative solutions for industry, based on nanomaterials. The company develops and applies advanced nanotechnology materials to create new types of active glass that either produces energy from the sun or can reduce the energy footprint for buildings by decreasing the energy for heating, cooling and lighting. They are a successful beneficiary of the EEA & Norway grants, working with Winnovart 

The company produces a competitively priced transparent and patented solar glass solution called PanePower™ Solar Windows (PanePoweSW), capable of generating electricity through the windows of homes, office buildings, and greenhouses, allowing the entrance of 80% of visible light while blocking the UV-light for energy generation. Its greenhouse application contributes to a more productive food supply system for the global food raising demand and addresses current environmental issues deriving from greenhouse farming. Moreover, greenhouse farming implies higher energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. 

To support and accelerate their development, BriteSolar applied for a grant to scale up the panel manufacturing and the validation of PanePowerSW in an operational environment and to demonstrate its effectiveness on a large scale for the company’s clients, thus, commercialising solar windows for the European and Asian markets. 


Dr. Nick Kanopoulos, Founder & CEO: 

“Since we established the company, we have been dedicated to deploying advanced nanotechnology materials to create new types of architectural glass that can reduce the energy footprint for buildings. BriteSolar’s solution has proved to be an industry disruptor in the field of energy which has been demonstrated by numerous awards (e.g. one of the best Business Cases of Eco-Innovation by the OECD; Horizon2020/ SMEInstrument, “Greece Innovates” programme as one of the top ten innovative Greek companies etc.). The funding we have been awarded through the EEA & Norway grants is another international recognition we are very proud of and it will allow us to continue our development. We appreciate Winnovart’s consulting support, who have raised awareness about this new funding scheme on the Greek market, opened up for us development options on the Norwegian market and, most importantly, helped us navigate through the application process with confidence and speed.”


In 2019, BriteSolar applied for funding under the EEA & Norway grants in Greece, receiving a grant of 400k EUR, which is currently in implementation.   

The innovative solution of BriteSolar – PanePowerSW, relies on the electro-conductive nanomaterials’ composition used in the layers of the panel and the process of depositing them by inkjet printing, which delivers 80% transparent solar glass at a low cost. Both the composition and the method are protected by the company’s patents. 

Please feel free to get in touch with BriteSolar if you would like to discuss cooperation options, or you can contact us here for an introduction.

If you are looking for European grants-funding options (including the EEA & Norway grants) to support the development of your company, keep an eye on the funding schemes we are promoting, share your project idea with us for a free funding readiness review from our side, or contact us here directly.