Winnovart Explore – Introducing A-Aqua Norway. Innovative waste water management solutions.

EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021 open-up a great opportunity for investments in the greening of processes, products and services across industrial companies in Romania, as well as for the improvement of their overall environmental performance. The treatment of industrial waste water is an issue for many Romanian companies, however investments in such technologies are not always a priority due to limited investment budgets. Multi-million funding will be available during 2018 for SMEs and Large Enterprises to perform such investments under the SME Growth Programme to be operated by Innovation Norway.

Regulations regarding waste water treatment put an increasing pressure on industrial companies for aligning to EU standards, although some still prefer to pay penalties for not complying with such standards, in the lack of funding for the needed investments.

At Winnovart, we continue our history of partnering with Norwegian suppliers of green technologies and solutions, by starting a cooperation with A-Aqua, a leading Norwegian company specialized in the design and delivery of waste water treatment technologies. With over 30 years of history and a global presence, A-Aqua provides complete solutions of waste water treatment for industries, covering various types of residual waters, along with sludge management and energy recovery. Having been involved in many funded projects under EEA&Norway grants, Horizon 2020, A-Aqua also understands the requirements and the process of such programmes.

In addition to the grants-based funding scheme offered under the EEA & Norway Grants, projects looking to purchase technology from Norway can also be financed through export credit facilities backed by the Norwegian government, offering attractive financing conditions: very low interest rates and extended pay back terms up to 12 years.

Whether it is R&D, initial feasibility analysis or directly the design, engineering and delivery of specialized waste water treatment technologies, A-Aqua would be happy to assist you with any enquiry you might have on this topic. Moreover, if the context of the EEA & Norway Grants is an attractive option for funding your investment, Winnovart will check your eligibility and funding readiness.


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