Funding for flagship innovation project

Winnovart advised on funding a flagship innovation project in the industrial scale professional laundry services, a project implemented by Promar Textil in Brasov, Romania. Under the commercial brand Kromatic, Promar Textil SRL has opened a highly innovative unit for professional laundry services, following a € 4.5m investment soon to be fully completed. For more information about the project, read here.

The main highlight of this investment, making the new unit one of the most innovative units of its kind on a worldwide level, is the integration of the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based – technology into the value chain of the unit, embedding the R&D efforts of the company in the past 4 years to adapt RFID to the specifics of high volume professional laundry services.

Integrating state-of-the-art technology, lean management practices and an innovative RFID-based tracking system, the result is a unique laundry management solution offering a significantly improved service for the clients, along with great operational benefits for the laundry unit itself. Operational efficiency, Management of the value chain, Security and Sustainability have been brought to highest level ever in this industry, the project already raising interest on various international markets, from leading players in the hotel, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

The investment is being partly funded under the Norway grants mechanism, via the “Green Industry Innovation” programme operated in Romania by Innovation Norway.

After securing the funding with a bid submitted in 2013, Winnovart advised throughout the development and implementation process of the project.

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