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Blended funding – making grants and private investor money work together

Introducing our proposition for Investor Partners interested to get involved in blended funding schemes

At Winnovart we believe that grants-funding programmes delivered by government agencies in partnership with IP organisation have the potential to become the future of grants-based funding. There are many good reasons for this.

Therefore, we aim to support private investor organisations in managing their portfolio of activities in the context of and around grants-funding programmes. Our services will cover both the private investors and their target/ portfolio-companies, in all phases of a grant-funded project.

Services for Private Investors/IP

  • Investors looking to apply for becoming a selected partner of IUK, for future SME competitions application project, in all lifecycle phases
  • Research and screening around selected funding competitions (pre-application)
  • Support with the Application/ Proposal Writing as potential IP for IUK. Multiple options available (Winnovart Pro, Expert Feedback)
  • Support in the Communication with the Fund Operators throughout the process (application phase, evaluation & contracting phase when required)
  • Support with reviewing contractual obligations related to grant management, as per the draft agreement with the IUK
  • Design a project delivery plan for the IP based on the obligations in the agreement to be signed between IUK and IP

Services for Private Investors already selected as competition partner

  • Support with Pre-competition screening of SMEs and lead/pipeline generation and management (to attract and invite potential SME Applicants for the main funding competition, as part of the contractual obligation of a selected IP)
  • General project management support (reporting, payment claims, state-aid compliance, communication with the IUK, as well as other contractual obligations towards IUK) during the relevant phases:
    • Pre-competition phase (inviting SMEs to apply)
    • Competition phase (applications by invited SMEs, evaluation, and funding awarding process)
    • Post-competition phase (monitoring of selected SME projects in the IP’s portfolio)

Support service to invited Applicants, either separately or as part of the support provided by the IP, throughout the lifecycle phases of a project in a grants-funded context

  • Proposal development
  • Evaluation & Contracting
  • Grant management/ project implementation phase
  • Post-implementation reporting

Further services, linked to or around the scope of blended funding schemes

  • Screening of companies, sector-oriented, with a successful track record of raising grants funding in high level funding competitions. Potential good investment targets.  
  • Other innovation support services
  • R&D tax credit support
  • Marketing & Sales management support, through content management and lead generation
  • Winnovart Explore – for generating leads/ prospects and increasing the visibility/ brand awareness across selected target audiences, using the opportunity of local and international grants-funding schemes. In the context of the IUK – IP competitions, the Winnovart Explore approach can be used as a tool for addressing the relevant competition stakeholders (especially the Applicant SMEs).