EEA & Norway Grants in Bulgaria – 2nd call for proposals for green projects is open for applications


[updated on 10 April 2020]

Over 10 million euro is available to Bulgarian companies for green business innovation projects during 2020 under the EEA & Norway grants.

Innovation Norway has published updated information regarding the funding available for businesses on the Bulgarian Market under the EEA&Norway grants 2014-2021. 

Main highlights: 

Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Bulgaria is a business development programme aiming to increase the value creation and sustainable growth in the Bulgarian business sector. 

Fund operator: Innovation Norway 

The first call for proposals under this programme in Bulgaria opened in May 2018, whereas the deadline for project proposals’ submission was in October 2018. For more details on the first call of Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme, please review here.

Areas of Support and Programme Specifics 

Areas of Support:
Innovative technologies, processes and services
Sustainable business development
Greening of existing businesses and processes
Development and implementation of innovative products and services 

Programme Area Specifics: 

Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Bulgaria will seek to stimulate and develop long-term business cooperation between Norway and Bulgaria based on business development and innovation. The aim is to allocate 75% of the funding to small and medium-sized enterprises. Priority will be given to bilateral partnership projects offering added value. 

The focus areas under this call for proposals is Green Industry Innovation. Funding intensity could go up to 70%. Businesses can apply with projects for min 200k euro to 1 million euro.

The deadline for this call for proposals has been extended to 30 September 2020.

Activities related to business to business bilateral cooperation will encompass a wide range of activities, in particular organisation of matchmaking events for Bulgarian and Norwegian entities and Travel Support for entities from Bulgaria and Norway to participate in networking, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practice during the implementation period of the Programme. 

Travel support for individual partner search will be available prior to the calls. 

General information about the EEA&Norway grants in Bulgaria – //  

Check out successful Business/ Green Industry Innovation projects in Bulgaria under EEA & Norway grants 2009-2014 (the previous financial cycle).

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