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Evaluation support


Service options / Methodology description

Evaluation support – Free

This service is provided to existing clients working with Winnovart on their funding projects. We will be able to offer:

  • An introduction into this process. This will provide a valuable overview what to expect from this phase;
  • Access to a “lessons learnt” document, based on our direct experience with projects assessed by the Fund Operator in charge with your funding programme;
  • Access to further resources relevant for this phase, based on public information provided by the Fund Operator.

Evaluation support – Basic

Includes the Evaluation Free, plus:

  • A direct introduction session into the “Evaluation process”, with our experts. This session will make you ready for this phase;
  • Access to a document that presents the usual messages and clarifications requested by the Fund Operator during this phase, from the beginning of the evaluation phase and up to the final stage of a funding decision;
  • Access to an extended document that presents the usual replies/ clarifications sent to the Fund Operator as response to their requests during this phase;
  • Access to a template-document providing standard draft responses and messages to be used in the communication with the Fund Operator. This will help you accelerate your communication with the Fund Operator;
  • A direct session for reviewing each clarification request received from the Fund Operator;
  • Review and feedback/suggestions to your draft response/clarifications before you send it to the Fund Operator;
  • A dedicated direct session before the Innovation Norway visit during the evaluation process (only if applicable).

Evaluation support – Standard

Evaluation Basic, plus:

  • Hands-on support with drafting your responses/ clarifications;
  • Management of the communication process with the Fund Operator during the entire evaluation phase (including communication archiving, mapping and timeline/ deadline tracking).

Evaluation Support – Plus

Includes Evaluation – Standard, plus:

  • Direct take-over of the communication with the Fund Operator during the evaluation phase, in your name and in line with the Fund Operator’s requirements, but based on our communication systems.