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Winnovart Explore – Introducing Remoni. Disrupting the energy management solutions marketspace

The EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021 open up a great funding opportunity for investments in energy efficiency, innovative solutions around energy management and generally for green innovation projects across sectors. Via this financial mechanism, the Donor States Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have allocated a significant amount of funding for enterprises across the 15 Beneficiary States.

At Winnovart, we continue our tradition of partnering with organisations from the Donor States – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions, by starting a cooperation with ReMoni, a leading technology company providing innovative energy and resource management solutions. Based in Norway and Denmark, ReMoni is able to develop, design and produce innovative solutions for resource and energy optimization. With patented clamp-on technology, combined with artificial intelligence and algorithms, ReMoni helps companies, institutions and productions to save money and resources; in an easy, secure and affordable way. The company was established in 2013 and counts 20 employees. Several municipalities, energy companies, and private businesses are already devoted to ReMoni’s solutions.

Mr. Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO, about the mission of ReMoni:

ReMoni was born from projects carrying out continuous measurements of resource usage in technical installations. From the projects, it became clear that technical devices such as pumps, motors, ventilation aggregates, pipes, production units, heaters, and coolers were wasting a high and unexpected amount of energy. To reduce waste, a running overview of the network of cables and pipes that feeds the technical devices was necessary. Something, that proved to be challenging. Typically, a professional building easily covers more than 25 devices relevant to monitor, but the costs of sensors, encapsulation, and installation technicians easily exceeded 25.000 €. Moreover, the conventional systems are difficult to fit in.

The need for smarter monitoring gave rise to ReMoni, a flexible and much simpler monitoring system with a significantly lower cost.”

With a highly successful background in funded projects under Horizon 2020/ SMEInstrument etc., ReMoni understands very well the requirements and the process of such programmes.

Under the EEA&Norway grants, ReMoni can be the ideal bilateral partner when it comes to the development of project-focused innovative solutions for energy and resource management that can have a significant impact on the environmental performance of industrial companies, through superior resource management and energy savings.

More details about Remoni’s solutions here.

You can contact us at any time for finding out about funding programmes supporting innovative investments in energy and resource management under the EEA & Norway grants.

Latest funding schemes relevant to innovation projects around energy efficiency and, energy management and (open or expected to open in the near future):

– Greece: Business Development, Innovation and SMEs
– Croatia – Business Development, Innovation and SMEs
– Romania – Energy Programme/ Renewable Energy & SME Growth Programme
– Portugal – Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs

General profile of country specific programmes and budgets available: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Portugal, Czech Republic and Malta.