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BoldTech Winnovart

Winnovart Explore introducing Bold Technologies. Gamification of digital training for the finance sector. Funding ready with EEA & Norway grants.

At Winnovart, we regularly promote European innovation champions, game-changing organisations in their sectors, as well as established industrial players looking to work with innovative technology companies. We are proud to contribute to their stories, by doing what we know best – accelerate their access to … Read more

Winnovart Explore

Winnovart Explore – introducing OSINT Analytics Norway. Leading edge technology for data mining.

At Winnovart, we regularly promote organisations from Norway and Iceland (the Donor States of the EEA & Norway grants) – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions.  Today we are introducing OSINT Analytics – a Norwegian innovator in the area of data mining and analysis. Their OSINT technology and know-how helps in finding information amongst trillions of available … Read more


Winnovart Explore – introducing Recycls Norway. The future of plastic recycling.

At Winnovart, we regularly promote organisations from Norway and Iceland (the Donor States of the EEA & Norway grants) – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions.  Today we are introducing Recycls – a Norwegian innovator in the area of plastic recycling. Their patented technology solution deals with any type of plastics, focusing on mixed and contaminated plastic waste that cannot be recycled … Read more

Empower Plastic Blockchain

Winnovart Explore – introducing Empower Norway. Disrupting the plastic-waste ecosystem with blockchain technology.

At Winnovart, we regularly promote organisations from Norway and Iceland (the Donor States of the EEA & Norway grants) – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions.  We are introducing Empower – a Norwegian award-winning disruptor in the plastic-waste ecosystem. Inspired by the Norwegian plastic bottle recycling system, the company tackles the plastic … Read more


Winnovart Explore – Winnovart starts a strategic partnership with Ambro (Rossmann Group)

At Winnovart we are committed to create business and development opportunities around the EEA & Norway grants. We are helping companies to get access to and raise funding under this mechanism, while also bridging the gap between the Donor and the Beneficiary States. We partner with organisations from the Beneficiary States of the … Read more

Deep River EEA Norway grants

Winnovart Explore – Introducing Deep River Norway. Award-winning supplier of mobile hydropower plants for off-grid areas.

At Winnovart, we continue our tradition of promoting organisations from the Donor States – innovation champions and leading suppliers of novel technologies and solutions. We are introducing Deep River – Norwegian award-winning supplier of Mobile hydropower plants for off-grid areas. … Read more

Winnovart & ReMoni Partnership

Winnovart Explore – Introducing Remoni. Disrupting the energy management solutions marketspace

The EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021 open up a great funding opportunity for investments in energy efficiency, innovative solutions around energy management and generally for green innovation projects across sectors. Via this financial mechanism, the Donor States Iceland, Liechtenstein and … Read more


Winnovart Explore – Introducing A-Aqua Norway. Innovative waste water management solutions.

EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021 open-up a great opportunity for investments in the greening of processes, products and services across industrial companies in Romania, as well as for the improvement of their overall environmental performance. The treatment of industrial waste water … Read more