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Intellectual property in the context of the new funding programmes

Innovation will play a key role in obtaining grants within the 2014-2020  funding period. Over € 1.5 billion is available for the Romanian market until 2020. The focus on innovation will also lead to a distinct pursuit for various types of intellectual property. In the coming period, a number of programmes with an annual cycle up to 2020 will be launched, which will focus precisely on the...

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EUR 59,7 mil. EU funds for the Romanian ICT sector

UPDATE: A new funding programme worth EUR 59.7 mil addressing the Romanian ICT sector will be opened in November 2015. SMEs can now apply individually for grants up to approx. EUR 730.000 and funding intensities up to 100%.  Applications can now be submitted from the 2nd of November 2015 until the 01st of February 2016.

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We are now Winnovart. Innovation funding expertise

Funding is always an important issue for enterprises, regardless of their size.Implementing innovation into the business model offers funding versatility, as innovation opens up various funding options both locally and internationally.Grants, state aid schemes, private funding or a mix of them will all be available until 2020 for innovation projects across sectors and topics.

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EU funding for the Romanian ICT sector

A new funding programme worth EUR 59.7 mil addressing the Romanian ICT sector will be opened in October 2015. SMEs can now apply individually for grants up to approx. EUR 730.000 and funding intensities up to 100%. Applications can be submitted from the 1st of October 2015 until the 23rd of December 2015.

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